The pharmaceutics laboratory of our college is well established with art of facility and modern instruments for the formulation and evaluation of various types of dosage form. Pharmaceutical laboratory introduce the design, development & evaluation of drugs in combined with appropriate dosage form. Student will complete the course with knowledge and skills applicable for a variety of practical settings in dosage form design, manufacturing technology, regulatory aspects, patents, quality control and quality assurance.The students will understand the concepts of dosage forms, dosage preparation and drug stability, and the relevance between drug delivery optimization and therapeutic outcome. The main equipment’s which are used in this lab is tablet coating machine, capsule filling machine, tablet polishing machine, dissolution apparatus etc.


The Pharmaceutical chemistry laboratory of our college is well setup with the latest instruments for the practical of students. This well setup laboratory provides the practical knowledge in synthesis, medicinal chemistry and structural elucidation of compounds which are used for different types of treatments. This lab also provides the knowledge of organic chemistry by well-designed experiments. Students were familiarized with the different types of organic compounds to their nature, physical appearance, chemical properties and chemical reaction usages in pharmaceutical industries in this laboratory. This laboratory gives the knowledge of quantitative and qualitative analysis of drugs. This laboratory is well ventilated and exhausted and equipped with glassware, Burettes, pipette, volumetric flasks, measuring cylinders, micro and macro pipettes, magnetic stirrers, hot plates, digital melting point and hot air oven.


Pharmacognosy laboratory of our college is well equipped for identification, isolation of phytopharmaceuticals macro with microscopic characteristics, physical & chemical characterization of natural drugs. Pharmacognosy laboratory consist of organised and unorganised crude drugs. Laboratory provides the guidance to student regarding the natural sources of drugs and phytochemical screening by various instruments. This laboratory is been utilized for the morphology and anatomy study of drugs. This laboratory is been associated with museum in which herbal drugs are displayed. Herbarium is also maintained in the laboratory for the identification of medicinal plants. Medicinal plant garden is been stabilized in the campus for the need of pharmacognosy laboratory. This is the place where the students study the aspects of natural drugs. The lab is


Pharmacology laboratory of our college helps the students by providing the basic methodologies used to evaluate drugs. This Laboratory gives ahands-on experience to measure and calculate several important parameters most often discussed and described in pharmacology literature such as KD, Bmax, Ki, EC50, IC50 Emax, pD2 and pA2 values for various drugs and the rationale behind competitive and non-competitive type of pharmacological antagonism.Pharmacology laboratory provides expertise and has available equipment to measure drugs, drug metabolites, toxicants and some endogenous compounds in a wide range of biological matrices &Perform validation tests for all assays and perform quality assurance determinations for all studies like detection, actions, uses and effects of drugs and the development of improved analytical procedures for the detection of drugs.


Anatomy and Physiology laboratoryof our college is designed to provide a foundation in human biology. This includes a familiarity with the basic anatomical and histological organization of the human body and its physiology. Students will learn how the various organs of the body interact with one another and how they contribute to the overall physiology of the body.


The College has a well-equipped Computer Laboratory with highly configured computer systems, with printers. All are connected in a centralised LAN.The computer lab is provided to the students for class work, project work, power point presentations and internet surfing to keep them updated for facing the competitive world.